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Many common ailments can be treated using herbs, vitamin & mineral supplements or essential oils.

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You don’t need to  spend a fortune to look amazing. Have a look around your local produce market or in your garden. You will find some excellent beauty treatments.

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Hints & Tips for keeping your home environment clean and beautiful using natural solutions.

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“If we can combine our knowledge of science with the wisdom of wildness….our potentialities appear to be unbounded.” Charles Lindbergh


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Welcome to the world of natural remedies

Have you been feeling tired, run down, burnt out or not quite healthy but not sure why? This and many other health problems can be resolved simply and safely with natural remedies. What are natural remedies and where do they come from? Natural remedies are the natural alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. It’s interesting to read about the development of modern medicine.  How did our ancestors from thousands of years ago treat common ailments like an upset stomach or a common cold? Did they rush off to the local pharmacy/chemist/drugstore? No. Possibly because they weren’t invented yet ?  They would make medicines from leaves, flowers, fruit, roots, tree bark or seeds that they collected in fields and forests. Yes there were some strange remedies invented in the olden days – such as snake oil. ? Lots of natural treatments and medicines are still used with success today. Many have gone through a scientific testing process to prove they work.

Alternative, holistic, complimentary or traditional medicine are other names for natural remedies.

What are the benefits of natural remedies?

  • Generally, natural health remedies will not have side effects. But often, if there are side effects, they are good ones eg. you find you have more energy or you sleep better ?
  • Natural Remedies usually cost less than commercial products because they are made from ingredients that are easy to buy in a supermarket or produce market.
  •  Natural Health Remedies can sometimes treat multiple ailments at the same time. That is why it is called holistic medicine. They work with the body’s natural healing processes rather than suppressing symptoms.
  • The active ingredients in natural remedies are naturally existing enzymes, vitamins, or other compounds found in nature, as opposed to the active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and cleaning chemicals which are produced in a factory or laboratory.
  • By purchasing natural remedies you are supporting farmers not pharmaceutical companies.
  • The ingredients in natural remedies are more gentle to the environment than the synthetic chemical alternatives.
  • It is best to use natural health remedies in conjunction with whatever existing medications you might be taking. While natural remedies are very effective for basic health concerns, modern medicine has its place for treating chronic or severe health problems like cancer and heart disease. It is best to check with your doctor if symptoms persist.
  • Natural remedies allow you to take control of your your health and the products you use, rather than allowing someone else to make all the decisions for you. It is empowering to be able to do your own research and learn how your body works.

What inspired this natural remedies website?

I was born in the 1970’s at a time when people were questioning the conventional wisdom of health and lifestyle. I was brought up on a vegetarian diet. Biscuits, cakes and sugary drinks were a treat that I only got when we visited my grandparents or went to birthday parties.

As soon as I moved out of my parents house I rebelled and decided I could eat and drink whatever I want. But I also noticed I was feeling more tired & less vibrant. Maybe my parents were onto something?

I now try my best to eat as much fresh healthy food as possible, because I know I feel better when I do. But, like lots of people, I live a busy life and sometimes it is easier to take shortcuts.

In the past 20 years it’s been my hobby to research natural healthy alternative remedies to the chemicals sold to us at the drugstore. We live in a crazy 21st century world where work-life balance can easily become unbalanced. The last thing we need is to pollute our bodies with more chemicals.

I have noticed that when my work colleagues get sick with a cold or flu I dose up on the appropriate vitamins and herbs as a preventative. I have found the best treatments to boost my immune system and fight off bacteria and viruses. I’ve become so adept at avoiding colds and flu that if I take a day off work, everyone knows its not because I’m sick ?

Take Control of your health!

Remember that your health doesn’t just depend on what you eat or drink. The beauty products you use on your skin and hair also affect your health. Not to mention the chemicals in your environment like cleaning products, insect sprays or air fresheners.

I decided to start this website to promote the use of simple, reliable, well tested remedies that are gentle to the environment and to people. The vast topic of natural remedies is not a focus for many other websites . I include affiliate links to suppliers of good quality natural ingredients and supplements. Otherwise I have included paid ads on some pages to support the costs involved in running this website.

This site is a compilation of health, beauty and lifestyle hacks to put you on the path to a better life without having to pay too much money. I have gathered the information from reading many books, websites and scientific journals. I am also a student of Naturopathy. Where ever possible I have tested the remedies on myself or on someone I know just to be sure that there is some evidence that they actually work.

I encourage you to leave comments at the end of each article with your experiences of using the natural remedy.

Enjoy! ?


B.App. Sci (Biotechnology)

Mother of 3 Beautiful Children Founder

Next Steps…

Go ahead and browse through the articles on this site. Do you have any questions about a specific natural remedy? Are there are any topics you would like to know more about? If so please contact me to leave a comment.

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